As of This Time, Due to the Coronavirus,

All Events and Rehearsals are On Hold...

Stay Well!

All rehearsals will be held this year at the South Pasadena City Hall
Thursdays at 7:00 pm
7047 Sunset Dr. S., South Pasadena, FL



1.  Try to arrive at rehearsal by 6:45 if possible
2.  Warm up and "tune before rehearsal starts"
3.  Pencils will be passed out in order for you to "mark your music" when necessary.  (VERY IMPORTANT)
4.  Keep any conversation down to a bare minimum and this should be limited to corrections, etc. concerning the music being rehearsed.
5.  Try to assume a "positive" attitude concerning what we are about.  Encourage, compliment and be understanding.
6.  Of course, I'm constantly encouraging this - take your music home with you and practice those spots that are giving you some trouble.
7.  AND the most important thing is - DON'T BAD MOUTH THE CONDUCTOR!  (Just kidding!)