As of This Time, Due to the Coronavirus,

All Events and Rehearsals are On Hold...

We in the South Pasadena band are missing  everyone so much...

Thanks to our sponsors and all those who attend our performances!

We hope to see you all again next fall and please practice social distance so we can get back to the things we love ASAP!

Stay Well!


Hopefully we will have  rehearsals this fall at the South Pasadena City Hall, 

at 7:00 PM, every Thursday night beginning September 5 through TBA


If you love band music and miss playing, the band would like to welcome you to drop in on any Thursday evening rehearsal at the South Pasadena City Hall building .

And if you love listening to band music, .

we play at two different venues once a month. 



We are supported by donations which go to the purchase of music or large instruments. All of our musicians are volunteers who play for the pure joy of it,

and all of our concerts are Free!



If you have any questions please visit our "Contact Us" page to call us or send us a question via email.


Visit "Our Music" page

to hear some favorites from past seasons' concerts.