Private Donors


We're YOUR band--your generous donation will allow the band to continue its mission of providing quality concerts for our local area patrons! 

 To say "thank you" for your support, we'll regularly update our DONORS page and print your name in our current season concert programs...


If you would like to contribute, you can mail a donation to

South Pasadena Community Band

c/o  Don Brugman, Treasurer

6550 Shoreline Dr.  #7304

St. Petersburg, FL 33708


Donors of 2018-2019 Season



PATRONS (gift of $100 or more)

Seraphime & Adele Mike
Byron & Anne Berglund
Don and Elaine Wagstaff
Roy and Sue Price


SPONSORS (gift of $50 - $99)

Robert B. MacDonald

Nancy & Richard Plato

Jack W. Smith and Robert McDonald

Carol C. Gabrio

Carol D. Larson

Richard Rolfes and Susan Allen

Gail Heidinger

George  and Jerry Palmer 

Linda and David Kresge 

Robert and Elizabeth Lovelace

Gail Heidinger

Mel Swartout

Nancy and Rusty Hack

BOOSTERS (gift of $25 - $49)

Donna J. Alban

Larry & Judith Foyle

Lana McDonald 

Myrtle Hylton