INSURANCE RESOURCES   6620 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg

             FOXYS BEACH CAFE  160 107th Ave. Treasure Island

             MIDDLE GROUNDS GRILL 10925 Gulf Blvd. Treasure Island

             THE PEARL RESTAURANT  163 107TH Ave. Treasure Island

             PASADENA PLUMBING, INC. 6961 1st Ave. N. St. Petersburg

             FEOLA’S ITALIAN RISTORANTE  10700 Gulf Blvd. T.I.

             SELLERS EXPRESS REALTY  5810 28th Ave. S. Gulfport

             C.J.’S ON THE ISLAND RESTAURANT 115 107TH Ave. Treasure Is.

             GIGI’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 105 107th Ave. Treasure Island

             LEVEROCKS RESTAURANT 840 Pasadena Ave. S. So. Pasadena

             THE PESKY PELICAN 923 72nd St. N., St. Petersburg

           LUXURY & BEACH REALTY 2525 Pasadena Ave. Suite O,    

                 So. Pasadena

             STATE FARM FOUNDATION  (matching funds for donor –    

                Roy Price)





Our 2017-2018 Concert

Season schedule will be posted in the coming months.












This concert will be performed  at the

 South Pasadena

City Hall



Sunset Drive South

South Pasadena